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geometry dash apk

Games have always been the source of great entertainment when it comes to the spend free time. Instead of getting bored you can have either a gaming board to play snooker, games that challenge your intelligence level like Scrabble, arcade games or just go outside and play outdoor games that are considered to be the best to boost your energy level. All of these are recreational activities that give us a pleasant break from tiring and frustrating routine work. The invention of the computer,mobile phones, and the internet have completely changed the way of playing games. Those who used to play outdoor or at home are now playing online games. These online games have changed the gaming scenario to a whole new and more joyful level. Arcade games hold an equal entertainment either playing at an arcade or at your mobiles phones. Flip, Fly, jump with music are the three main activities your faced icon do when you are playing and crossing the obstacles, in a very challenging and exciting game “Geometry Dash Apk”. The icon changes its expression is another adorable feature. It is a famous game which can take your energy level to high level by winning or in the other minute you could fail the level. It makes us learn that do not fear of failure because this instant ups and downs in this game are the major tool that grips its player to the level of addiction. A new game in Arcade World has boosted up the challengers with many harder levels. This game was introduced on the 9th of valentine’s month in 2014. The challenge took a huge storm, this game was meant to be like a kid toy because the applet background is in geometric shapes, but as this game was over handed to players and they were asked to play, they didn’t, one comment was like “it’s so hard!”. The game Geometry Dash apk is not about kids type neither for elders, this is for only expert, the platform is to atop your confidence that, yes you can do it! Simply you have to jump and fly your way and safe yourself form losing the game. Even its sounds quality is best that you will enjoy while playing.  Gradually, when a user gets interested in it, more levels were built on this geometry planet, and its series was introduced.

Here are series of Geometry Dash APK Game.

geometry dash

Old Versions:

06/21/2017: Geometry Dash 2.100 ·

12/02/2015: Geometry Dash 2.011 ·

11/24/2014: Geometry Dash 1.90 ·

09/02/2014: Geometry Dash 1.811 ·

09/02/2014: Google Play Version

Download Geometry Dash apk files from our site and enjoy this game, you will never regret it’s addiction but you will love it. ABC Apk files downloader gives you a way to download and install Apk files of thegame. The pros you can have by downloading Apk files is amazing, as you are able to get the most updated versions like 2.1. on Android, iOS, and PC.

Geometry Dash apk was originally released for mobile phones in 2013 by Robtop developers. The question now arising is that is it just a game to be played on mobile phones? What if anyone wants to enjoy it on their PC? The answer is yes! Now you can, by simply downloading Apk files of this game from ABC Apk downloader and you will enjoy it on thecomputer too.


Geometry Dash apk is a 2D game which fortified you with a platform where you can control yourcube that have to go through different levels. The Game is not such easy. It’s about how you avoid the hurdles and obstacle in a way, it may have a countless obstacles that may create a high Steam for you. This boiling game was developed by a Sweden developer Robert Topala, and was marketed by his company Rob Top Games. All its views and super rousing background effects were done by all his team members, and insert levels around 20, its less but the developer has put a lot of high mountain, and scattering plants like objects in between, it’s going to vary and hard to win.

Prepare yourself to compete at your best. You will find challenges that are really impossible to cover. Its world’s hardest game. Put yourself in as a challenge and compete with your challenge. Fly and flip, jump to get bounces and coins. Skip the Sharp obstacle and push your skills unlimited. Simple one touch can jump you over next level. Keep playing to improve your skills more.


Different musical sound tracks for each level on which your icon seems like dancing on beats and rhythms while actually playing. The main playing character is called an icon that is available in different shapes and sizes. A player can have jumping squares and triangles as icons and should make icons cross the hurdles and obstacles that come in the way. If you get hit you will die. The name of this game is perfect because all you see are geometric shapes everywhere, as your icon or variety of obstacles you have to cross. What makes it different from other games are the ever changing musical tunes, adorable expressions of theicon, vivid and bright colours of the background, high-quality graphics and many others you will discover while playing this game. This game has a quality of bringing joy and entertainment that accelerate at each level.


apk game geometry dash

Who will say no?

Certainly no one! And the addicts of Geometry Dash apk will never ever refuse to have its latest version in their hands. It is not about the developers who are releasing new versions with more levels. The more interesting thing is that the players can create the levels by themselves through level editor. This is the reason that the game officially has 21 levels and millions of levels have been made until today by its players! That is actually unlimited levels of the game that lead its player to unlimited levels of excitement.

Apk files is an android packaging kit that enables your android devices to install software like applications and games. If these files will download to PC, your PC can run those applications and games. So with one Apk file, the game can run on your computers and android devices with equal seamlessness. Download Geometry Dash APK files from mobdownload Apk downloaders to get the latest versions of the game with the latest game levels. We provide a secure stack of files so you need not worry about the security of your devices or gadgets.


This musical rhythm based geometry dash apk game is surviving through the obstacle type game in which player has to jump up to cross the ground obstacles or flip or fly in the spaceships or rockets and must save the icon from obstacles present in the air as well. In your way, coins are present. The gaining of these coins will unlock improvements like changing of character or colour.

This game tests your reflexes and skills as the main goal is to jump, flip and fly at the right time. An easy looking game becomes very difficult once you start the game as one small mistake can take you back to the initial position. Whether on theground or in car or fly, the only thing to keep in mind is to move forward without collision with obstacles or impediments.

Each level has a bright and radiant coloured background which adds more to this game. To win it, keep pushing your skills through unsafe passages and spiky obstacles. This impossible looking game requiresso much practice. Besides its hard levels, gamers still crave for more! That is why we called it anaddiction.  The happiness of passing the level and screaming in frustration all goes side by side.

The super hard and awesome fun Geometry Dash apk game could be improved by practice. A practice mode is given in game to enhance your playing abilities. The more you practice, the better you will play.

Practice feature is important as at one hand it will improve your skills and on the other hand, you can fail without the fear of going to the initial position. Feel free of failure and just play the game because this is all you want to do, to play with excel and be a top scorer among your friends and family!


For unlocking several achievements and rewards of the game, the player has to earn acertain number of stars, completing levels, complete demon rated levels, adding friends, liking or disliking the online levels with some secret achievements.

Developers have recently introduced the “Secret Vault” and “Treasure Room” feature which has secret achievements.  The player needs to unlock secret vault by guessing some riddles and treasure can be opened by demon keys. Unlocking these rooms you will get many coins and get a chance to unlock many features.

One of the major pros of this game is a consistent joy and adventure that you will experience while playing. A high-quality graphics with attractive levels, vivid colours, soundtracks, challenging paths, obstacles, coins, achievements, awards, numerous levels, and your small little cube hero icon with afun face will never keep you bored.


geometry dash for android

Here are some easy downloading steps that show you the downloading method for Geometry Dash apk from android device (mobiles or tablets) and from PC.


Before installing an APK file it’s better to prepare for downloading.

  • Enable ‘Unknown sources’ on the device to access the Apk file. Go to settings then security>go to unknown sources> enable it. You cannot download if this option is disabled.
  • Check your device for battery. Good if the battery is charged above 50%.
  • Download an android emulator.


Prior to installation, you need an Apk file on your device.

  1. From any web browser, download the Geometry Dash apk file of thedesired version on your computer.
  2. Now transfer that file to theAndroid device in the folder you want.
  3. Search the file on your Android
  4. Click or tap it.
  5. If you get any warning message, select the option of continue.
  6. And here you go. Your installation is complete now.
  7. The game icon will show on your home screen.

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  1. First, download the Geometry Dash apk file of thedesired version as we need an android environment for installation in PC.
  2. Then run the emulator you have installed before with your email ID. (Google ID or make new one).
  3. Go to the folder which has your saved Apk file.
  4. Drag that file and drop it on an android emulator’s user interface.
  5. Your emulator will pick the file and start theinstallation. Again if there is a warning message, continue the installation process.
  6. Installation complete.
  7. Rejoice yourself with this amazing game!


geometry dash android apk game

Through our site, you can also get coins and stars as much as you want! Instantly generates stars and coin for free. By gettingacertain number of stars, a player can unlock many exciting features like changing the colour of theicon or some other rewards that help you to move forward in the game. Not few of them but you need a large number of coins and stars to get or unlock the desirable feature.

And the most amazing part is that you do not need to download or type anything. Just open our site and simply enter a  username and a number of coins and stars you want. Wait for the operation to complete. Now play or resume your game, what you find are numerous coins and stars that boost up your game.

We believe in giving simple and trouble free access to coins and stars so you can enjoy your game even more.


First for unlocking the secret vault of Geometry Dash apk you need to answer the secret codes or riddles asked. It is difficult to guess those codes or riddles but unlocking the vault will get you many big achievements. Here we are providing youwith the possible answers of secret codes.


CLUE: Oh my head, I feel so drained. Would be nice to get some energy. You know, for my head. Nothing? Ok. You shall not pass.

ANSWER: Brain Power

(unlocks a new icon)


CLUE: So you met with the gatekeeper. I heard he made fun of me. Make fun of “Sparky”.

Like, he has a better name. What does “Clubfub” mean anyway? I mean, Oh no! I did not tell you anything!


(Unlocks a secret)


CLUE: So, there is a tree. A very short tree. In this tree, there lives a witch. A very short witch. The witch stinks of fish. My question to you is this… On a scale from tree to fish, how many shinies do you have?


(Unlocks new icon)


CLUE:  I have always been odd. Remove my start and I am even. When you complete this riddle, I hope you are leaving. Can you go now?


(Unlocks a new icon)


ANSWER: Gimmiethe colour

(Unlocks a new colour)


CLUE:  which came first? The chicken or the egg? The egg, of course. Then the egg laid the chicken and the chicken said: “The password is on fire”. I need to get some rest.

ANSWER: The chicken is on fire

(Unlocks a new colour)


CLUE: Just don’t tell RubRub. I am building my own level. I call it “The challenge”. Hope it gets featured but probably not. Rubrub will never notice me.

ANSWER: The challenge

(Makes a challenge level becomes visible which cost 200 diamonds to unlock)


There are many hidden things in the vault you can unlock by typing few simple words. You will find many characters to that will ultimately get unlocked by typing following given words.

                          UNLOCKABLE WORDS TO UNLOCK
1.   1ST  UFO Neverending
2.     2ND  UFO Blockbite
3.      Another wave Ahead
4.      Coin Sparky
5.      Illuminati wave Type in sequence: 8,16,30,32,46,84
6.      Lenny cube Lenny
 7.     Minion cube Type your username
8.      Robot Robotop
 9.     Ship Mule
10.      Shy guy cube Spooky
11.      Trail Gandalfpotter



Type the words given below to unlock certain interesting features that you must know as they are the main ones.

                            UNLOCKABLES HOW TO UNLOCK
1.       First cube Octocube
2.       Second cube First type “cod3breaker”, secondly pay attention to the 6 numbers and then, subtract each number like (B-A C-B D-C E-D F-E) and lastly type yer result
3.       Third cube Brain power
4.       Fourth cube Yer amount of stars
5.       Coin First, go to the 2.0 vault, Click until you see a text that says “you made fun of Sparky”, Go to 2.1 vault and type “Glubfub”
6.       Finn the human club Seven
7.       Not so dark green colour Thechickenisonfire
8.       Red color Gimmiethecolor
9.       The challenge The challenge (◠‿◠)




You have already read above how interesting and mind trapping game Geometry Dash apk is! You will find yourself restraint in not playing it. This is the foremost quality of any game and this game has proven itself the best in the pile of arcade games. This is the reason that many people are playing it around the world and continuously creating new levels leading this game to skyrocketed popularity.

It is noteworthy that the only site to trust on for all the Apk files of Geometry Dash APK is ours!

We are accessing you to the versions from the oldest to the newest for free. Every game comes with the modified features in which graphics are more enhanced and new thrilling features are added. We are providing our users with the mod files of this game as well for adding joy in your game.

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Using the Apk file, you can play thegame not just only on Android devices, iOS but also on your PC. You may need information in relation to the versions as many aspects you need to know before starting the download. You can have information about the compatibility of the game and device, the storage required, when it has updated, about the publishers etc.  We have a long list of files and we are very passionate about giving the files of the game having best features and attributes with all the information.

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How to Play Geometry Dash Apk?

It’s time to show your skills. Open your eyes, whenever you see any type of danger you dice is going through, skip the danger zone, and keep running and flying and flip to skip spiky obstacle. Like that you can jump to the next level, it is quite easy, just one touch with lots of levels to entertain your playing hours.

What Game Features bring new for you!

  • Themost exciting news is that this app has not purchased even a single coin. It just for improving your skills.
  • Thisgame is basically on rhythm All steps will be repeated on recursive method.
  • Youwill catch music different on different tracks and levels.
  • Thisgame provides you those types of levels in which you can build and share among your friends on social sites.
  • Youcan design your own character by unlocking coins treasure by jumping forward and forward. You can buy new character as you like.
  • Fly rockets, flip gravity and jump over hurdles and much more.
  • Beforetaking the challengeyou need to play practice
  • Whenyou will flip to the next level you will rewarded with many achievements.
  • It’sbetter to challenge yourself with nearest friend you think you can eat his score.

geometry dash apk file

What’s New in Geometry Dash APK?

It could be what?

  • It is Updatingto 2.1, but are you ready for the new version.
  • Itcomes with new levels. One of the level:let’s blast right now, let’scheck your reaction. The new level is “FingerDash”. What it could be, some Sharp fingers, but wait, Sharp got flappers not arms, let’s keep it surprise!
  • New Spier mode.
  • New Dicefor you with new colors.
  • New Rewards and bonusesto collect.
  • Quests
  • Daily new level to double your enjoyment.
  • Lotsof art to make the game more interesting.
  • VarietiesOf Editor
  • The maximum bughas been fixed.
  • There are a lotSecrets that you are going to find,
  • andmany much fun.

Thanks to Developers who are making games more fun loving all over again. Since, this is the biggest update.

Geometry Dash APK Download:

Geometry Dash v2.10.0 for Android is superb game u ever visited. It brings new graphics with awesome colors of shapes. There is millions of user happy for getting a huge opportunity in free, and after than APK files eat your less memory of device, so why not download it through APK. There is no so much stuff which make you gone frizzy. There are just a few steps, choose the download button and here is a game in your model.

Users ask it’s not free when we are starting to download the full version, but here it is, you are going to push just download button and there you got a full version in your models. Just play and keep your bounces grow with you steps, and shop what you liked.

Game zone:

Dice you choose it will run non-stop to save from the danger behind, it will seem that dice are not looking for war attackers in front, but with your control you can help it to compete the fight and complete your task, it’s your dice trapped, help him. During dice running many scattered storms, and multiple obstacle you will experience.The dice is now depending on only your single touch. Your single touch can save its life, save it, by pressing anywhere at any danger the dice is going through, save Like a hero, you can leave pushing when you can see any safe place to land your dice. Every obstacle is marked with colorful paint and bright colors. It changes object to object you will run through the passages.