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Open world or free roaming video games give a whole new notion to the world of video games. You are not actually present there but can relate yourself to the game so magically, so other-worldly, so spell bindingly that you just want to depart to that incredible video game world and do not want to come back ever. San Andreas holds the same magic and rip-roaring real looking fantasy in the history of open world games but truthfully has much more surprising features than the others with the numerous and diverse features that also bound the player by its high-quality graphics. ABC Apk files downloader offers you the multi-versioned and secure Apk files of this thrilling game for free. You can download Gta San Andreas Apk files and install the game in PC and Android mobiles.

What do You Know About Gta San Andreas Apk?

Gamers here you will find to read the most interesting point about your favorite game GTA: San Andreas (Grand Theft auto) release in 2004. The GTA series has gone far, not like other games, this game has some unique about “Carl John.” Carl or “CJ” is a fictional character, but it seems a real Rock star. Carl, the former family from Grove Street Families, a gang or Rock star’s family, found in Los Santos. This game is so efficient that even gamers have all authority to have their control to finish point. GTA rating has crossed 4.6 stars. Rockstar games series have literally clean-sweptits competitors. Since the very 1st launch of its GTA series it come-forth being the King of action games. Of this GTA the San Andreas story had continued to be the outstanding one, with irresistible entertainment reviving more than a decade.  This action-adventure video game was released on 26 October ,2004, 1st for the PlayStation and then proceed for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox. But that is not enough for them as it has recently crosshair its very new market.

Any guesses?

Yes, you got it right and this very step has given this high definition master a rerelease. With improved graphics, feelings that you can perceive, unstoppable action, multiple side games, more cars variety, challenging missions, it has put forward itself in android smartphones. Shooting and driving being the core gameplay elements and its non-linear, open environment will just take you to look around the cities of San Andreas. But to forge-ahead you must complete missions.

Well, if not in mood then you also have other things to do, like taking care of Carl Johnson “CJ’’, the main character and player, physic, its clothes, hunger, society status, girl-friends, and for this surely good car and bank-balance is a must to have.

you can help CJ to find out who’s behind the plot of his mother’s murder and get him back his hold again in the gangsters’ area, where you even can’t distinguish between your friends and foes, with your easy to control android device. Re-establish his old gang and give CJ a whole new look. Change his clothes, give him a new hairstyle, some accessories and he is ready to be an influential personality and respectable among people.

Any Attraction factor for Gamers in GTA San Andreas Apk?

  • You can also increase his bank status with many mini-games if not in mood to go for a mission. Basket-ball, pool, arcade games and casino gambling are some of the features as in its predecessors. What’s new in this GTA version.

    Want to know? It’s the gang wars.

  • You must be careful about the area you are entering and even a single wrong step can become reason behind a big gang-war. If you succeed in this then your foes area is yours. On the contrary, you will lose the lives of your gang members. The choice is yours! As time management and the role, you played is most worthy to succeed.
  • Besides this you can earn money in this by doing legal things like being a taxi-driver or taking injured people to hospitals via ambulance. You can even become a police-man in this and increase your ratings to get promoted.
  • If being under the boundary makes you bored, then go break the rules. As with the good control system of your android version game, you can make CJ a rich man and that just in a couple of hours. You might be thinking how this can happen, right? It’s so easy with burglary.
  • Yes, you can invade others home and steal valuables or, if your target is big, can directly rob whole bank. Wow, but remember you must drive fast after this as the police is already on its way to catch you. Well I am sure you will escape them easily as this time its android version time, or in other words “it’s your time”.

It’s not an unpopular game that no one’s ever heard about but you have actually a right be surprised if any video game lover does not play it. A way more improved game with High Definition (HD)textures, upgraded graphics and 70 hours playtime in the huge real like video game world, full of action will bring more addiction and joy in playing this game. This is released by Rockstar games in 2004 and has now become a top grade and first rated video game in the empire of video games.


With the ever increasing interest of people in android supported games, many developers turn their focus towards developing games that can run on Android devices. GTA San Andreas also made its way so that it can be run on android devices too along with other controllers. Also by downloading Apkfiles, you can play this game on your PC too. Our site provides the files that can run smoothly on PC and android devices. Being developed in a high-quality graphics and hold many specific features it needs a high storage capacity on adevice that can be enabled on certain smart phones but now by the introduction of high storage smartphones you can play this game on many smartphones.

Unlike using other GTA San Andreas Apk files downloading sites, no one should be worried about any virus that produces any unwanted modifications in your system or device when downloading from ABC Apk file downloader. All the Apk and OBB files are uploaded on our downloading site with the check for any malicious bug or virus. In other words, we will take care of the security and you just do your work, that is playing the great GTA San Andreas!


Let’s go and check some story of this game which is all-important and crucial for playing it.

The story is dated back to 1992 within the state of San Andreas and is set within three cities: Los Santos based on Los Angeles, San Fierro based on San Fransisco and Las Venturas based on Las Vegas. The chief character of this game is Carl Johnson or CJ and the whole story is pivoted around him.He is an Ex- ganger who returned home after five years. CJ wanted to get the vengeance from the people who killed his mother.

It is an open game with no restrictions to its player and they can go anywhere they want as the whole story covers the three main cities. You can go anywhere in the cities with the help of everythingfrom vehicles to weapons for gang wars needed the player to fight in mega cities ruled by cruel and killer mega gangsters. Cars are speedy with many features and modifications in them like nitrous oxidewhich escalate the speed of vehicles. Hydraulics, body lifts and rims also to make the vehicle perfect to help players fight. This game is also featured with minigames or can say that small games in the mega game like basket-ball, pool, arcade games, horse racings and others. Players have to make money to spend on buying, gambling and other. Keeping money up to a safe level is important in the game as if CJ gets unpaid debts, he could be shot to death.

As this addicting game is played in the whole world with same enthusiasm, developers have made this mega game so that it can support many languages like: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Features of GTA

  • Expanded subject line: Now it’s easy to get in the mood of the player when GTA provides you introduction clearly by developing subject line. When all instruction is clear, it felt like water for the player to understand the climate.
  • 3 various schemes to hand over control system: Typing mistakes often click another button, now click and a game is still under your control. There are whole three various game schemes to control the system.
  • Fantabulous graphics: Graphics are improved, and the game looks now more attractive.
  • Game duration-70 hours: User is increasing day by day. The game should have some, interesting to get into it. While GTA developer increases the game duration that are 70 hours.
  • Backbone of wireless match controllers: In regards to transforming your Android device into a mobile gaming system to pinpoint, introduce Moga controllers to console the style of control, the wireless MoGa controllers.
  • Support for synchronization of the save game via Rock star service: Often Gamers make complain about games they played, later when they have a look there game has been lost whereas in the GTA this feature has improved from later beginning. Gamers can save their played games through Rock star service.

A gang war is one of the new features of Grand Theft Auto series where gang war breakout to occupy the land and territories from the enemies or due to striving efforts for making your territory protected and safe from enemies. Winning an area or territory will lead to money generation which will ultimately increase on getting more areas under control. This game is all aboutgangsters and underworld phenomena so perfectly than everything in it relate itself to real world’s gang world.


If you are a top gamer and can masterly play this amazing game then we must say that you can play so much better and easily when have cheat codes in your pocket. Having remembered cheat code can really make you the lord of this game. Being fine in this game and cherry on the top, cheat codes in your hands are really the most desirable thing any player can have!

But if you are not pro in this game, no problem anymore, you can enjoy the game much more better than ever before.

For getting an idea, you can see what features can cheat codes improve and transform.The GTA cheats can bring changes to following elements:

  • Can create multiple helicopters.
  • Can create new machines.
  • Can run at a maximum speed.
  • Can use the maximum money possible.
  • Can make stronger muscles and more strength and power.
  • The infinite capacity of John.
  • Can create Trucks.
  • Disable Police mode on.

Let’s go towards the most awaiting long list of cheat codes in the table with the mode or action they can escalate.


HESOYAM – Health, Armor, $250k, Repairs car STICKLIKEGLUE – Perfect Vehicle Handling
CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen ANOSEONGLASS – Adrenaline Mode
AIYPWZQP – Spawn Parachute FULLCLIP – Infinite Ammo, No Reloading
ROCKETMAN – Spawn Jetpack TURNUPTHEHEAT – Increase Wanted Level +2
BAGUVIX – Semi-Infinite Health TURNDOWNTHEHEAT – Clear Wanted Level
LXGIWYL – Weapon Set 1 BTCDBCB – Fat Body
PROFESSIONALSKIT – Weapon Set 2 BUFFMEUP – Muscular Body
UZUMYMW – Weapon Set 3 KVGYZQK – Skinny Body
SLOWITDOWN – Slow Motion VKYPQCF – Maximum Stamina
BLUESUEDESHOES – Elvis Models for People LIFESABEACH= Beach Party Mode
FOOOXFT – Pedestrians hunt you PROFESSIONALKILLER – Hitman Level for all Weapon Stats
BAGOWPG – Have a bounty on your head SPEEDITUP – Fast Motion
AJLOJYQY – People attack each other with golf clubs NATURALTALENT – Maximize All Vehicle Skill Stats


LLQPFBN – Pink Cars IOWDLAC – Black Cars
ZEIIVG – All green lights YLTEICZ – Aggressive Drivers
CPKTNWT – Blow Up All Cars WHEELSONLYPLEASE – Invisible car
SJMAHPE – Recruit Anyone ROCKETMAYHEM – Recruit Anyone
CJPHONEHOME – Big Bunny Hop KANGAROO – Mega Jump
NINJATOWN – Ninja Theme BEKKNQV – Women Talk to You
JCNRUAD – Cars Blow Up Easily SPEEDFREAK – All Cars Have Nitro
BUBBLECARS – Moon Car Gravity OUIQDMW – Free Aim While Driving
GHOSTTOWN – Reduced Traffic FVTMNBZ – Country Vehicles
BMTPWHR – Country Vehicles and People


PLEASANTLYWARM – Sunny Weather TOODAMNHOT – Very Sunny Weather
ALNSFMZO – Overcast Weather AUIFRVQS – Rainy Weather
CFVFGMJ – Foggy Weather YSOHNUL – Faster Clock
NIGHTPROWLER – Always Midnight OFVIAC – Orange Sky
SCOTTISHSUMMER – Thunderstorm CWJXUOC – Sandstorm




To earn and get vehicles rating is needed, and the vehicles earned are given below. The important thing to keep in mind is that you can have at the minimum one of those medals to qualify in all the tests for the reward of the vehicle.

70-89%: Bronze- Super GT

90-99%: Silver- Bullet

100%: Gold- Hotknife


For getting the below-mentioned vehicles you should have at least one of these medals in all the tests.

70-89%: Bronze- Rustle

90-99%: Silver- Stuntplane

100%: Gold- Hunter


Again for getting a bonus in the form of a new vehicle, you must clear all the tests with gaining one of the medals.

Bronze- Marquis

Silver- Squallo

Gold- Jetmax


* A wide and modified variety of cars, bikes and airplanes for driving.

* An amazing variety of different weapons to acquire and use by CJ.

* Mode to gang up with CJ and start a thrilling adventure.

* The design of this game is spread over a wide area covering many cities and countries to travel.

* The game has full compatibility with Moga controllers, Bluetooth and USB gamepad.

* Most interesting is the HD graphics which lead the player to another fictional world.


Every player seeks of cheat codes to increase the strength and secure rewards but what if you also have knowledge of the hints to perform many tasks easily in this game just with some movements of the gaming character? Certainly, there would be no more satisfactory and gratified news than this one for the crazy admirers and fanatics of GTA San Andreas!

Don’t worry we have a long list of hints too like cheat codes because all we want for you is to enjoy and just win this game and become an unbeatable player among all others.


Go to the left of Sweet’s house and head towards the back yard in your neighbourhood there you will find a basketball court. Pick up the ball and follow the instructions given on the screen to play the basketball. Also by clicking the left mouse button, and you will get some tricks with the ball.


Take your head out behind your house located in Los Santos and go down straight into the aqueduct. Down to the slope and head towards right along the walkway to locate a nice Mini SMG. You will also get a Pistol in Sweet’s backyard.


Go out at the back of the house and into the aqueduct to the left. Go down the sloped wall of theaqueduct and head to the left. On an incline present underneath the bridge, you’ll discover a handy vest.


When you kill a drug dealer, you will receivea net money of  $2000. Drug dealers normally wear a blackjacketand they stand still waiting for people haveany talk with them. Wherever you find these types of character kill as many as you can and build up your cash reserve quickly.


To acquire some easy weapon skill, go and then practice with an AK-47 before starting of this mission

until you reach the Gangster level. Then during the mission, blast and explode as many cop cars and bikes as you can. You’ll deal out with so much damage that there is a very strong chance produced for you reaching Hitman weapon skill level.

Amidst the mission of “Reuniting or re connecting the Families”, you have to shoot down a group of SWAT team and then go to the motel to save CJ’s brother Sweet. After beating the SWAT, do not go into the motel, you can take a round to the complete map and get into all the restricted areas like the military base and the locked maps. There will be no cops chasing you so freely roam around. You can search the whole area without any risk of getting caught. This is the perfect time for the confirmation of vehicles and item locations and for collecting the snapshots, horseshoes, and oysters.


For gaining easy weapon skill, get any twocars and then place them in your Grove St home garage. Then with the weapon of your choice shoot the cars so violently until they are nearly on fire. Then walk out from the garage so it can close. A step towards the garage again and you will notice that the cars have been repaired. Repeat this process as blasting and putting cars on fire are one of the quickest ways to be expert in weapon skill in the game. To check your progress level with a weapon skill, switch to the

weapon that you want to check the progress of and then go to STATS in the menu and then down to WEAPONS.

The number will show how many skill points you have. You will need at least1000 skill points to reach hitman level.


For getting the free and fast car repair, take your car in one of your garages,  let the door close, then walk towards the garage so that the door opens again. The car will be immediately repaired of all dents and depressions.


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Confused. Then let’s check further.

GTA: San Andreas 1.08 Mod Apk

Yes, now the same HD-features, high quality sound and graphics can be experienced in your android smartphones with simple controlling and operation. Also, the way you control your character alone or with a car or on bike can be administered with differing qualities, making it more exciting and a perfect friend to fight your boredom. Its flexibility of design setting can fit perfectly in any gadget.

You can play GTA 5 after modifying GTA San Andreas with no difference from the real game. Want to know how. Then let’s get started.

The number one thing to consider is that there are different APK modes available with some differences in each. Here we are using visa mod APK, for which three download links are available.

Now firstly download and install the visa APK mod file, which is the top most link given.

Then you must download and install SD data 1 too. It is main file consisting of 1.6GB.

To move further you require an archiver, if not available then download it from play store. This archiver will extract file from your SD data 1 and what will you have is this, com.rockstargame.gtasa.

Move this file to folder named OBB in your phone, if you don’t have it then create one simply by naming a new folder OBB

Similarly download SD data 2 and install it. Then again extract file and move in the same OBB folder.

The whole thing done. Now you just must go to your mobile app drawer, launch it and here you go.

Download and Installation of GTA San Andreas: San Andreas Apk +Data

  • For these 2 download links, will be available At:
  •  GTA San Andreas.apk
  • GTA San Andreas
  • Then You Should Have unknown source Enabled on Your Phone
  • So, download GTA San Andreas.APK file from download link one, the top most, install it But do Not Launch it now. After that download GTA San Andrease, which is link no.2.
  • Using the archiver (.rar or any other) extract data from GTA San Andrease data link.
  • Move the extracted file to OBB folder which is situated inside the Android folder.
  • Launch and play.