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Imagine having a day off without technology, what comes to mind? is it a joke? What will we do then? Well, it seems like we even do not want to imagine that scenario. The reason is today technology has overwhelmed us. It changed the way we live and behave. Technology has come with many advancements and we pace towards building a better future for ourselves every day! In every field, we observe this phenomenon of advancement. Minecraft story mode apk, talking about transportation, from horse carriage now to Hyperloop; communication mode from talking to each other or newspaper to web search and video calls; energy consumption, from water generated energy to solar panels. Shortly, we can say that very smartly it made everything possible for everyone.

Computer, tablets, and smartphones lie in almost the same category. We are not wrong in saying that when we have such devices, the whole world just comes to us itself. Smartphones are same ‘world in a device’ type palm sized object. Want to know about developments around the world, want to taste something that showed on screen, want to have a new sofa set for home, want to talk to friends miles away, want to see a performance of favorite artists or listen to their songs. This is quite a short list of what actually a smartphone can do. When we have mobiles it is not difficult to get things done instantly.

And the thing without which a smartphone seems to be incomplete is a game! The game realm is very old. The games are being played for entertainment, joy, and recreation. The way they provide us a healthy activity is of great importance. They give a perfect workout to the brain when we are tired of our monotone routine. But not all of us have time to go out and play. Not a problem! Just take out your smartphone, download any game and start playing. Video games stimulate the brain for better working.

Improving skills like time management enhance learning and memory, multitasking, quick decision making and prompt response to a situation. Playing video games all the time is not a good idea but spending some time in a day playing them may be beneficial for you.

Stealing your half an hour from your busy day, this story it’s about cutest and sweetest blocks game, groom over the mini crafts. Mini works about whom public write like this, they loved all the video parts and most touching video when they speak up. Whereas, other says about security, that it goes through all security process well. It passed virus, malware and malicious outer attacks and didn’t harm our devices.


Now today video games are not just video games but they have been extended to various categories like arcade games, action, and adventure, riddles, puzzles or mind games, and it goes on and on and on. A new game has introduced in 2015 by Telltale developers which are very different and interesting of its kind. Minecraft story mode apk is now being played by millions of people around the globe due to its narrative styled action and adventure. You can assume it a drama version of video game where not just fights are necessary to win but the decisions you make to defeat the enemies equally give a chance to change your game.

To play this unique and decision-making game Minecraft story mode apk, which is also available for iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Android, just open our site and download it with easy steps in minutes! Enjoy this cube graphic game that is one of its kinds by downloading free Apk files that support both Android operating system and PC. Want to get rid of the boredom of sitting at one place when playing games on PC? Got a solution. Get an app file and install the game both on your Android device and PC.

Why games change its name to a story?

mide craft storymode download

Full of new crafts for mini’s game soon changed its name to mini-crafts story contains a bunch of Episodes has an adventure. All episodes are like lifetime thrills and many exploits, and they crossed through all excitement with full exploits of a world. This time whole speedo block along more stories is coming to meet you for the sake of your entertainment.

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The World has seen pixel movie, has noticed something their favorite games were there. One of there was mini crafts, well when the world started this story were rated around five stars, creator believed to keep this enjoyment continues. Fan of mini ships are waiting for all around for more adventurous thriller stories and game, all you will go through under many evils spirits and will plunge all headline over your mind. Your mission will be just taken as many squads of a knight and plan the hunt for the devil and barbarian monster as you can as to accomplish your task.  They ruin every devil that comes to harm the civilians; your mission will save them. In that journey, you have to collect some unique item to create your powerful weapons and pump the hero.

Beautiful cubic blocks are in your device

The new mini planes updated on 25th of August 2016. The size of a new version is only 18.7 Mb. This apk story since 3+ years is ruling all over the world. However, this game is free of cost because if this game kept on play store on some price, they cashed a lot.

Minecraft: Story gets unlocked

minecraft story mode

Cubic block project was by Telltale based on stand-alone mini-crafts that center the most captivating story and their cute cubic characters. They are landed on earth to save the entire world. They are not alone, their friend (or for the kid), angles come to boggle their enemies. In this fascinating game, you will find powerful, and danger Ender Dragon. A friend along with mini crafts fight against them to avoid any harm to ordinary people and will be called a Heroes. The task was going to be very harsh.


Teaming up of Telltale and Mojang gave rise to an amazing narrative story lined game that not just test the fighting skills of the player during action but also their decision-making ability, the way player plans ultimately marks an impact on the game. This episodic game has cube graphics with different levels. When played its look like you are in the real world helping the main character ‘Jesse’ ( could be a male or female or have different skin tones as per your choice) and friends to build their city and fight with their rivals. This combat encompasses weapons and player’s choice and judgment that can change the direction of a game. This game is for the people who are fed up of traditional action and adventure games as this quick time event game has full potential to make its players experience something different and enticing.

As comprises of decisions and judgments of players, this game has multiple endings so more fun. Minecraft story mode apk is an amazing story game with a touch of comedy and emotions too that makes it a perfect story game. Stylized graphics with an absorbing story no doubt has brought a new change in the realm of video games.


Based on an action adventure graphic video game, Minecraft story mode apk has episodes. First season complete has been released in 2016 and now the second season is started to release. It has five episodes, each with attractive gameplay. To guide you for the game, here is a glimpse of previous episodes.



The game Minecraft story mode apk starts when Jesse along with his friends participate in an Anderson building competition which they lose against their rival group but build an amazing contraption(player’s choice) which is destroyed by their competitors. A villain called Ivor successfully made a very dangerous creature ‘wither storm’ that makes huge destructions. Ivor then make wither storm follow a legendary member of an order of stone. That member gives Jesse the responsibility of finding other members. This leads Jesse to ‘ the Nether’ who then ends up in ‘overworld’. Later is a story which player himself chooses where to go.


With various twists, other members of an order of stone are saved and recovered. Here comes about a shocking thing, ‘Formidi bomb’ a very dangerous explosive that is decided to be used against ‘wither storm’. They make two groups, one of which goes to find that bomb and the other one (Jesse with few friends) to whom a tragic news reveals that is he or she has been caught by the ‘ wither sickness’ which gets worst with time. This group also come across with Ivor who taunts them that they could not get him ever.


This group is trapped by Ivor but managed to escape and end up in the Foreboding End. There find another character, convince him to destroy wither storm with them by F- Bomb. That one accepts the idea and they prepare to kill wither storm by that bomb. Jesse volunteered in the attack and survived but the member of an order of stone is being killed by the wither storm. The F-Bomb destroy the wither storm but could not destroy the Command Block that makes Wither storm alive. Later the Wither storm split itself into three, forcing everyone to escape.


In this episode, Ivor gives up and offer Jesse to get rid of that Wither storm with the Book of Enchantments that has the ability to enchant the Command Block and then kill it. At Ivor’s house, new and bad news is waiting for them! They find that the Order of Stone did not exist or never happen. Ivor then left the order and decide to tell the truth about Order to the world. Jesse, on the other hand, convinces the member to either hide the truth about Order or tell people the truth. Jesse and his friends make a New Order of the Stone.


The new order goes on. Ivor and Jesse group find a temple and enter in it where they discover mysterious flint and steel and it’s the main key to the Ever source, an unlimited source of building power. Back to the temple, Jesse, Ivor and other see a portal which is activated by Jesse through flint and steel. The portal ends up in a sky dimension where they have to build a bridge of dirt. They are in a metropolis city where a building is done by the permission of Founder. Ivor somehow turns the Founder against the Order. Later Ivor is arrested. Milo, an underground gang member find the Ever source that is actually a chicken laid spawn eggs.

The story then has more fights which will entertain the player in the best way.


After their entrance in one of the portal, the group headed by Jesse ends up in a city very much like their own city except two moons and the area is swampy. They meet with the famous new characters and two other fictional characters. The city is full of zombies against whom the group bravely fights. That death war is revealed to be started by a murderer called itself  ‘white pumpkin’ to get the enchanted flint and steel. Jesse with the friends manages to open a portal that leads to home but it is a trap created by the enemy who was later get killed by one of the Jesse friends. They open another portal and enter in it but have no idea whether it takes then to home or not.


A turning point comes in Minecraft story mode apk when Jesse friend does not want to follow him as he does not know the right path or portal to home. Then leading by Petra( Jesse friend) they enter into a Redstone portal and enter another city where people caught them. That place is ruled by PAMA and the leader of PAMA is supposed to be Harper but actually, she is not. PAMA captures Jesse and the group for investigation, from where Jesse and Ivor escape. Harper is also caught by the PAMA and released by Jesse. A Headset is considered to be the solution to get PAMA group. Petra through that headset destroys the PAMA. Everyone gets free from PAMA. Jesse ends up in a village in Minecraft story mode apk


In the last episode of minecraft story mode apk season 1, there are many new and surprising situations for the players. When reaching to old builder’s village, Jesse and friends are forced to play some games which are supposed to be rigged. Jesse tackles the situation skillfully and then leaves for home. After reaching home, Jesse shows the enchanting flint and steel, the Atlas Portal, Redstone head and similar things they got through their journey. Ivor takes the flint and steel and Atlas.

New fascinating Game features:

Minecraft apk story mode

The story of Minecraft story mode apk is fantastic game goes electrically and absorb in your mind. You can’t help by stopping yourself to save civilians. It’s in your blood. You get uncontrollable and will be part of enemies of enemies of the civilian population.

Dancing like in pup, this game it is continuous, has many endings with unstoppable adventure. There are free stories honestly waiting for real lives to live.

Everybody will enjoy comedy in cities. Every citizen got these feelings in their body.

Breathe back in stylized graphics which go in deep to center every moment transparent as glass. Calling stitching screen every time is now at the end, mini-crafts now with smooth graphics over your Desktop.

Why now on Android TV? For publicity!

To help TV’s, a game full with safe and sound episodes with a bright screen can now play as a video game based totally on Sandbox video game. You will be light to have this game now with fully specials controls.

The initial episode was from Microsoft products in 2015 October. This game can play on every product such like PlayStation in every modification, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android devices, and iOS. This go on following initialize few months, and then this game was introduced on TV’s by their original developer Mojang to associate this game with all products so that people can enjoy it easily.

From 1st episode, going on the different character with unique titles like The Walking Dead, The wolf among and much more. In this character, a new character landed which can be either male or female depending on episode formats. This Character with unknown personality will help to defeat every storm come along mini crafts way to save heaven.

This hard place is going to be pleasure seekers!

The way it is going on:

Active players will not lose the game. Instead, they will take this game on granted. The passenger will let mini crafts to play their role higher.  Let mini-crafts to run on their way to completion! They are giving upon on us! Their cute face stole the heart of us, we are their willing victims, but we are okay with this we are not broken, just bent we can learn how to play again and again. Nothing is as bad as it seems, Mini crafts are coming to clean all dust.



In 2nd season of Minecraft story mode apk Jesse and friends get popularity when people heard about their adventures. They decide to celebrate Founding day. Jesse goes to see Petra to meet her and find that her ‘ Golden Sword’ is taken by some mysterious monster. Jesse with his group combat with new enemies and after defeating them come to their city.


Below given some specifications for these game application users.

CPU: Dual core 1.2 GHz

GPU: Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600 series, power VR, SGX544 or Tegra 4

Memory: 1 GB



Minecraft story mode apk on android

Below given are some points needed to be considered before installation of Minecraft story mode apk. These actions will help you to install in short period of time with ease.

  1. The battery of your device must be fully charged or up to the level where you do not need to plug in your device for urgent charging.
  2. There is an option of ‘ Unknown sources’ in smart phones. You need to disable this option prior to download a file as it helps in download the required Apk file and other files or else the process will not start.

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The installation of files in your android devices is just a few steps away from you. We ensure the provision of secure files ( Apk+ OBB + Data) for free. So enjoy the game.

  1. Download an Apk file and transfer it to your device through data cable or USB cable.
  2. Install the files in your device.
  3. Congratulations! You got the game on your device successfully.


The PC installation process is as easy as the installation of a game in android device.

  1. Download the desired APK file of Minecraft story mode apk.
  2. Go to the folder in which file is saved.
  3. Click on the file for installation.
  4. Wait for a while and see it is done!
  5. Open the dramatic game and enjoy!!


There are multiple ways of doing a single task. We all want that path which is easy and others free. Handling computer related processes expertly is not the area of everybody as a complex structure of websites is on the internet which is increasing day by day. Finding the perfect site from such web is quite a difficult task.

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Get ready for the battle to save the world with Jesse!