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Motion picture, theatrical film, photoplay, film or movie is all the names given to one of the most important parts of the entertainment category. This illusion of moving picture has now been very famous with the new features and attributes, high-quality, better volume, and good cinematography. Not only film-making area has improved a lot but various genres of movies are releasing almost every day, provide fun and entertainment to the people of any age. For kids and children there are animated movies which honestly proved to provide equal entertainment to adults, and for youngsters and adults there is action, thrill, fiction, classic and mystery movies, series, or dramas are available. Here comes one more adorable app for you with an explicit media and an active player named MX player. MX Player apk mainly used for any media you want to play. Usually, users complain, our movie is not working accurately, or our screen show is no viewing clearly, so this issue was raising Android developer alot, by keeping this issue a “J2 Interactive” introduce this app. The most amazing new app is all about the occurrence, and that this app is only for Android user. In fact, J2 thought many people couldn’t afford highest price mobile rates like iPhone or Nokia, whereas in every device often these problem occurs, and larger of the world use the Android smartphone, so they should have such a player who was later named MX player in their smartphone. Now you can play any sound in any environment, and it doesn’t allow for wifi connection. We recommend downloading this media app for Android.

Technology brings many new changes, especially inthe entertainment industry. If a variety of movies released then there must be a dire need of some video player that could play such movies and series smoothly and without any bad picture quality. Fortunately, many good video players are available in the market now in an advanced 21st century. And we should expect even more advanced and better versions to develop.

How Many Versions MX Player Apk Contains?

Version till now has been two, recent version relates to 1.9.0 with file size having 16 MB, That’s so small as a little rat. It just requires Android of any model just operating system should belong to the latest version that is 4.0+. Its developers are well known J2 Interactive, who did marketing so adequately and very useful that every single man now has MX player on his Android. It was published recently in this summer, a month before, on 5th June 2017. The first version introduced in new spring, 25 March 2017.

The Best Video Player On The Best APK Downloader:

Global village phenomenon has now become very common and it is because of modern technology that plays it’s in every division. You can talk and see each other, while actually being present miles away. From the holograph technology for video calling, which has now introduced, it can be expected in the next 7 to 10 years that we can watch dance videos, movies, series or playing games with the high-quality picture just hovering above our devices showing images and videos. Then there will be no need to go to the cinema if such stunning high-quality videos could be seen at our home. Then it can be said that it will be very much better even than the home theatres!

But for watching movies in today’s era, we also have many video players available like the one our site is presenting, and that is the best and all-rounder MX Player which can play audios as well. It is basically developed for supporting Android operating system but now can be installed oniOS and PC too.It’s exceptionally wonderful features include the fine quality picture, support many file formats, subtitle mode, good volume mode and much more we will describe below.

The best quality video player is available and you have not installed it yet? Or you have difficulty in finding all the versions of MX Player? If not, visit our site and what you will find are Apk files of MX Player in addition to its different versions. And the most enticing news isyou can have the Apk files for free! Not just Apk files but all the files required to install the player like OBB file.





Features of MX Player are Just Wonderful:

After taking a view of the features you will find them really wonderful. Having most of the applications in the market that work on computers so good but finding a good player for asmartphone is a difficult task. A movie could have a very good content and excellent cinematography but if you are watching that on a player that does not support high-quality graphics or have limited features, you will certainly feel bad and how best the movie is, it will lose its charm on a bad video player.

To solve this problem J2 Interactive developers have made such a video player that fulfils the need of a perfect player for mobile users, especially Android based users. But this player has such excellent features that you must want it on your computers or laptops as well. And to solve this problem of yours, ABC Apk downloader’s pop up amidst the huge crowd of marketers by bringing a website full of different versions of the MX Player.

Android operating system has been developed in so many ways with many possibilities. One is its function of playing audio or video on smartphones. The only thing needed is a multi-featured, easy to use style application that could run them. For that MX player shows up, an application that gains popularity soon after its release and is now available on almost every website. You can enjoy and watch movies or series, listensto delightful music, and can stream online. If your browser allows an external player to play videos, you can use this player.

Multiple Media Formats:

MX Player apk uses codec technology that makes it able to play almost all types of video file format or media format. So videos could be enjoyed just like on PC TV or home theatres. Another good feature is the high-quality play or the high definition video files. But for this, the only requirement is a fast processing CPU or GPU that can easily decode the files into non-stuttering audio and non-interrupting videos.

Supported media formats areAVI,3GP,M4V,MOV,VMV,MKV,RMVB,TS ,MPG and FLV and many others.No special device is needed as MX player can be run on almost every android device and tablet. Adjustments and customization in MX player are very easy to do. There is no need to go to the menu screen every time. Required actions can be performed by just little tapings.


Subtitle option is also given in which you can even change the font size. Those subtitles which are unsynchronized can be synchronised with the sync option available in settings.

Subtitle gesture option is also afavorite option which can move text forward and backwards or zoom in or out to alter font size. The subtitle formats which are supported include:

  • -DVD, DVB, SSA/ ASS tracks of subtitles.
  • -Substation Alpha (.ssa or .ass) with complete styling.
  • -SAMI (.smi) with the tag support of Ruby.
  • -SubRip (.srt)
  • -Micro DVD (.sub)
  • -VobSub (. Sub/.idx)
  • -MPL2 (.mpl)
  • -TMPlayer (.txt)
  • -Teletext
  • -PJS (.pjs)
  • -WebVTT (.vtt)



Other Surprising Features:

Other adjustments are in resolution, brightness, can boost up the volume, and rotate the display of playback. Other features and attributes are battery or clock display, elapsed time, change brightness and volume with one touch, auto hide of soft buttons, and multi touch support.  These adjustments made it a handy application to use without any confusion in spite of having a number of modes and features.

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However MX Player apk itself plays a smooth video and audio content including high-quality files. But in case you want to accelerate the speed of your video, thehard ware accelerator is the best.  Hardware accelerator speeds up or boosts your processing by improving the process of decoding. This speeding up of the processing is actually the main source of a clear and disruption-free playback of videos. This mode can be easily selected through settings option.

New brands of smartphones available in the market are dual core or multi core. MX Player supports the Multi Core decoding. It greatly enhances and improves the picture quality; increase the speed by processing over multi cores at a time. It just seems like this player is developed by keeping in mind all the aspects of smartphones both the old and the brand new ones. No doubt this makes the MX Player the most used and downloaded video player.

Games and many movies or cartoons are for kids too. By giving smartphones in tablets in their hands is a hard decision. They could open other applications or make wrong calls or messages to your contact numbers. Above all, it is easy to play kid’s desired videos on smartphones rather than on thecomputer. Kids lock feature is given on MX Player, it makes you care-free when handing over your mobiles to kids. This feature restricts them from making calls or cause havoc on smart phones.  The plugin is also required for using this feature which is available easily too.

While summarisingthe features, it can be said that this video player is all in one type player, handling all aspects and the provision of all the features, a good video player should have. High definition picture display, supporting various file formats, easy access to subtitles, a bunch of adjustments, bother-free and speedy video playing, and multi core support is its main plus points so at least give it a try, you will not disappoint!

Follow The Steps Given For APK File Downloading :

Downloading any file or application is a troubling issue for most of us. We always get in a search for the sites which provide guidance in downloading the files in a handy way. As not all of us is amaster in computer related processes. The steps below are so easy and fast way of downloading MX player APK





Get your device ready for download by doing the actions given below. Before you begin the process, go and take a look on:

  • The battery which should be fully charged or charged above 50% to avoid any interruption in the process.
  • The settings must show enable mode of ‘unknown sources’. Turning off this mode will not let you download the file from any site. It will close the security check of the device for websites so choose the site which does not compromise the security of the device.
  • Download an Android emulator in order to make a successful download of MX Player apk for your computer.


  • Firstly, you have to download an Apk file of the version you want to download from any web browser.
  • Connect data cable or USB wire from your computer to device and transfer the respective file to the folder of your device. Transfer the file to an easy location.
  • Search the file you just downloaded, get to it and click or tap that file.
  • The installation will start. Wait for a while and you will have the MX Player apk right on your home screen.
  • Now,what’s is left to do is the enjoyment you will find in watching videos or listening to your favourite music on MX Player.


  • You need to have the Apk file of the required version of MX Player.
  • An Android emulator is needed for installation on PC. Go to the emulator and run it with the email ID or you can make a new one for the emulator.
  • Open the folder which has Apk file. Drag that file from its location to emulator’s user interface.
  • Your MX player Apk file will be picked up by the emulator and it will start installing the file. A warning message could appear, ignore that and continue installation.
  • After some time, the installation will complete. The installation time greatly depends on the condition of PC and your internet speed.
  • Features:
  • It got appealing features with open source codes, so that any forms, mp3, mp4 can be played. Easy for Users. PC or theater had within your hands, how cool!
  • Now screen would like HD, and you are watching a beautiful essential movie on HD video screen. The only need to for HD videos is super running CPU or GPU that can handle the video streaming smoothly during playback.
  • Can be download in any model, whether it belongs in tablet or phone. No specification device is needed.
  • User Interface:
  • MX player apk is a user interface that means that is user-friendly, it built in an attractive way that users like to in it intensely, and it works smoothly and efficiently. You can zoom in or zoom out the videos, the way you like. If you feel some problem, you can go through our setting to get with every function properly. If you got any problem with resolution or brightness, only change resolution, “instruction would be written there,” brightness up or down. Boost to high volume, enable subtitles, can turn subtitles in case, if Androids users are not getting subtitles, they belong to another Nation, you can rotate the display.


The operating systems of Android which can support MX Player apk perfectly are:

  • Android 2.1
  • Android 2.2
  • Android 2.3
  • Android 3.0
  • Android 3.1
  • Android 3.2
  • Android 3.3
  • Android 4.0
  • Android 4.1
  • Android 4.1.1
  • Android 4.1.2
  • Android 4.2
  • Android 4.2.1
  • Android 4.2.2
  • Android 4.3

These are the OS that is compatible with the player. The language supported by the player is English.

Developers: J2 Interactive.


Many versions of MX Player APK have been released until now. 1.9.2 is the latest version of the player. Each version has its own unique characters and features, the quality of which is rising consistently with new versions. Here is the information provided that will guide you in choosing the right one for your device.


The version released recently is 1.9.2. Here are it’sfavourable features. 1.9.1has the same features.

  1. It has a bug fix which does its work by handling the glitches or bug interrupted the player. This automatic aspect will take care of the bugs by itself ensure a glitch free video or audio playing.
  2. A new option is added to disconnect headset and you can enable it by going to audio option in settings.


1.8.18 and 1.8.21 have:

  1. Bug fixes to care of glitches.
  2. An option to disable the headset was introduced. Just go to settings> audio.

1.8.17 has:

Full-screen format ads are removed to give you thechance of enjoying unwanted things during playing.

1.8.15 has:

  1. Decreased resource consumption.
  2. Improved stability of the system.
  3. A feature that allows you to watch smooth playing by bug fix character.

1.8.12 and 1.8.13 have:

  1. A new improvement is developed in the program in the form of optimsation of application launch time.
  2. The characterof bug fix.

1.8.11 has:

  1. Better and quick background processing to speed up the process.
  2. Security improvements and bug fixes.

1.8.9 and 1.8.10 have:

  1. An added option of AV sync. Incase of sound disruption, this mode can be turned on which will disable AV sync. Can be done by taping on playback screen> menu> audio.


  1. Bug fix option.

1.8.7 has:

  1. An alternate hard ware and decoderare added for use in Android 5.0 and above which can a user used automatically on Android 7 and HTC devices as well. If you have other devices, it can be enabled manually by settings then select decoder > alternate HW + decoder.
  2. A feature of supporting Android 7.0  multi window.
  3. An option of playing without video display turn on by going to playback screen > menu > display >   video. So if you want to hear just audio. It is the best one for you.




The above-mentioned characteristics of video player are not present in other Android video players. So grab our offer of downloading Apk files of MX Player apk for free. We are pretty sure you are convinced of its features. So do not wait anymore.

We build our site with the aim to provide excellent service and give more and better than our competitors. And with large numbers of users, our mission has succeeded. We have and we will maintain the quality by providing quality Apk files of MX Player apk. All the versions are available here to limit the need of searching anywhere else. Not just the Apk files but also provide other files needed to download an application. All the related and authentic information about the video player and downloading files is here. Like the compatibility of player and your device, information about the publisher, the date of update, all the file formats and subtitle formats of player so that you can easily find the required or demanded one.

Many websites are providing the files but they also waste your time as it may take long to find the file you want. Oursite is also best known for its well-positioned files, stacked in an organised manner. All you need is to take a quick look and will ultimately find your required file. As there are many versions of MX Player apk, we have categorised them so that you may not feel trapped in a pile of unorganised files. What you just have is a nice and clean site having all files placed in an orderly manner.

Other worthy and the most important side of our website is the secured files we offer. Virus free or bug-freesite that not only has safe files but also has a safe site as you know that not just files but also a website could be a source of the malicious bug. We keep you away from these kinds of harmful viruses. We value our users and that is why we have made it safe for you because the viruses could be very harmful to your operating system. These bugs slowly integrate into the system and gradually destroy the software and programs,start making hindrance in thesmooth operation of the system,so keep our advice and stay away from those malicious sites and trust the authentic ones like ours!

We offer free files of all versions of MX Player apk.

There is the greatest capability with Android Operating System that it can play any sound where it is in mp4, in a video format, it will accept all forms and will look effectively. You can hear audio while driving. MX Player pops up in deep sound even when a crowd surrounds you. Android people had this estimation that this app already installed in a million user, and now they can enjoy music anywhere. If you want to get some other music instead of your daily kinds of music, you can go online and check for the online streams and then check that video, or audio clearly with impressive effects. There is another Extension name MX player apk pro, full of free, and no ads, nothing, you can easily use it, it has a high function.

Features of MX Player Apk

There more features including showing Battery and Clock, Elapsed time, auto hide soft buttons, adjust brightness to low to high, boost up the volume by pressing a soft key, you can change by a single touch on your smart phone, multi touch support. Media which funded in MX player apk are AVI, 3GP, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MKV, TS, MPG, FLV and much more. The subtitle formats supported in MX player are .ssa/.ass, .smi, .srt, .sub, .idx, .mpl, .psb, .txt, .pjs, and .vtt . You can increase the size.

It speeds up your work, while you open your PC, and login in or your travel to a theater, it’s easy and efficient, sit back and enjoy your MX Player apk, and most important aspect is that it’s free, you don’t have to waste any single coin on it.


Uttermost Performance

Its performance is outstanding, work with accuracy. It can play different types of format you would like to watch. If you read comments on play store, people say it works with perfection.  It works on froyo gadget. Also, it performs on different devices just it should belong to Android. Its saturation is cool; it works better with having no internet, you can send ads by it switching off your network cable.

It Simply Works with:

Creation was out of a box. This innovative idea was catch during playing VLC. just like for playing videos or audio on PC, VLC more used. Thought was innovative, as a mobile user you got MX player apk who works more efficiently, as it got the advanced option while playing. It depends on you which screen you liked best.

One of the well-defined media players for Android: MX player

MX player apk can use solely, or it could be complicated too,

More used with more guidance, you play fast, at the end it will work as the toy.

Videos are un scattered, you find like sitting in a theater because all videos stuttered. You can try KODI, VLC, and other media players and you find all got some bugs. Installed MX player or ‘BAM!, which ever you want, videos will show in high performance. It looks great with no stuttering. You will find yourself glad by trying this player on your device.

Web download option is available

After knowing so many features, it should be loved by users. Now it can be downloaded from The Web. All Thanks to the developers for making it available everywhere and free. Web download option will make it excellent and easy beacuse through the internet also we can download an app to our cell phones.

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