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New day, new things new life, just rising and setting of the sun does not indicate a new day but there is always new and better happening around us. We should embrace these pleasant changes. These little changes plays a lot good in our life. They do not feel us just good but also make our life easy and let us work in a fast and speedy manner.  just Like Nova Launcher Prime APK

We are fortunate living in the modern and advanced era. Technology has brought so much ease to us. And there is no need to go anywhere. It’s like everything on your desk! New advancements on one side made scientific improvements and on the other side give everything we need right in our hand. Let’s take an example of the thing you are holding in your hand, the smartphone or tablet, laptop or any gadget you can use internet on. Which thing in the world you have access to? Can see the whole world just by few tapings and clicking’s. Can do online shopping, no need to change the clothes or go to the market. From your necessities to the latest fashioned clothes or new styled gadgets and other. These minor looking things altogether have made life so easy and comfortable that we cannot imagine for a second to spend only a single day without them.

Not finding desired app on time? Having untidy desktop? Built-in launcher not of your need?  Then this article is for you.

Most android phones have built-in user interface that is responsible for customizing desktop (mobile home screen). This interface, also called launcher, controls the way how you perform your task like opening an app, making a phone call, and other tasks to do on an Android operating system. But mostly they don’t fulfill every one need as having less flexibility, making the life of the Android customers miserable.

But not for more! As now it’s the era of smart technology which has more than something for everyone. Yes, now you can download a third-party customizing app which will give you not only features you want but a lot more than that.

Good, to better and to the best has now become a common phenomenon that we daily observe. In case of mobiles or computer, more new and modified applications and new updated versions of games are there. They have grown to unlimited levels. Our whole world has shrunk in a single gadget or device called as smartphone as we can take it anywhere so improvements are also needed in its usage.


nova launcher apk

For make the use of smartphones easier, Nova launcher prime showed up with a completely different aspect. To hold every application in a specified folder on your smartphones where you can find them with ease is a dream of everyone. Nova launcher prime apk developers come up with the idea of developing such application that keeps everything at its designated place, and one can find them easily. Nova launcher prime apk is a launching system of mobile phones that has now become the best alternate of Android launcher. And they are proudly presenting it with millions of users and these users are increasing day by day. This proves the efficiency of this application.

New looking and efficient working applications are always been admired. Because all we want is the best. With nova launcher prime apk, your need an efficient launcher for android smartphones will no longer be a dream. It is available at many sites. But for getting it you have to pay. But do not worry; we have the solution in the form of Nova launcher prime apk files for free! At our site you can have not only the latest but also get the older versions of Nova launcher prime apk files. Following the downloading of these files you just need to install it on your device and that is all!


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Nova Launcher Prime apk- The Game Changer

Nova is most polished, finely customizable launcher, and it is performance driven. Now you don’t need to go for other substitutes as this is the best home screen replacement.

The customization you were looking for can be achieved with just a click. Change your icons layout, with lots of themes available, or change animation and more. Its user- interface is not just friendly alongside it embraces full material design. It’s got so many features with which you can make the best of your phone and that also without burdening your phone memory.

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It is nothing else than giving users abundant of useful features, making things organized for them in world full of disarray. Since 2011 it has able to make through 2017 while keeping its leadership position in this competitive market. Having millions of users, this is increasing almost every day. This app is used not for android phones but also by tablets now. Let’s take a check on it various prominent features.


Now your teacher won’t scold you and you will not be considered dumb in school or in front of your boss. Because now you have Go Google. No need to search for Google icon or search bar on your device, just say go google and the help will arrive. It works so efficiently that everyone will consider your hub of knowledge. And it detects words you said correctly, even if you are facing from a throat infection.

  • Infinite themes:

Themes have proved to lift your mood but unlike another app that only gives your desktop a picture of Eifel Tower, it will bring the whole Paris in your mobile. Your background will change but the icons will also transform relative to it. Even within a theme, you select, you can customize it my highlighting folders or apps you use the most. Give the color you want to your app drawer or a unique feature to your unread count badges. If your mood shifts from Paris to another country or even an island, because of the abundant themes Nova has, you are just a click away from your destination. So, buckle up and let’s go!


Different launchers have their grid set to 5X5 and 4×4 by default and you are limited by the space to place your widget, even when it looks wonky to you.  But now your 5X1 widget won’t completely cover one row of your grid anymore and the dictatorship of space won’t limit you. Yes because of Nova Sub-grid positioning you can now even resize your widgets not only from 5X1 to 5X2 but to 5X1.5 as well. This might be felt like a ridiculous feature but when it comes to placing widgets around a feature like Zoopery widget in Dead pool theme, then only Nova can help you out from this.

  • Do you know you can customize your app drawer and the way you scroll?

Yes, guys, Nova launcher has focused not just on highlights but it will give a nice finish to your phone as it hasn’t left even small detailing alone. It has many eye-catching effects for your app drawer like throw, flip vertical and revolving door.  You can even set your wall-paper revolving feature on or off, but it’s better that you keep it on if you have various apps as it will help you to navigate through your requirements. You can also scroll infinitely as it loops the last screen to the very 1st screen. It also has rotated option so you can operate your entire launcher in portrait or landscape.

  • How to import layout with Nova?

If you like some features of another launcher and some of Nova but you can’t download or use them both together, then be happy as Nova has import layout for you. Utilizing this feature, you can import others launcher features and bring it into nova.

These features were just the beginning the real is to be discussed next in Nova Launcher Prime apk.

Prime yourself with Nova Launcher Prime apk

Previously discussed features were free of cost. The features now to be explained have to be bought but it’s too cheap $4. Believe me, these features will fulfill more than the pennies you expand, with its outclass high tech customizing qualities.

With this, you unlock more themes, more app drawer animations, and more fun and can make your mobile wholly personalized.

How to control Smartphone with gestures?

With nova launcher prime apk you can have gesture functionalities on your phone. Set anything like app shortcut or operation with gestures. Some of the common gestures are:

  • To open camera: Pinch In
  • For gallery: Pinch out
  • Swipe up for setting
  • To expand notification swipe down
  • Double tap will open your recently used apps
  • Two fingers clockwise to open app of choice.

After learning so many interesting features I’m sure you can’t want to install it so let’s then have it on your phones now


You can simply install it from Google Play Store. For prime $4 are required. if this feels too much, it shouldn’t have well, then you can go for installing Nova Launcher Prime APK Mod.

And let your phone run according to your rules.


Apk files are considered as the first choice when it comes to get the most updated version of any application. Applications are also offered by some major downloading sites but they restrict the downloading as those applications are available in certain regions and cannot be used or enjoyed by the others. You will face some other restrictions too.

You can have your favorite application even before release with Apk files! This is the biggest advantage. Second one is, the applications that run only on Android devices or are android based can be installed on computer or laptop. No need to attach to the rule book. So do not feel restraint and download Apk files of your favourite applications and games, and enjoy Android applications on Android devices and on your computer.


Nova Launcher prime APK is an Android launcher that works on modern Android devices with customizable features. This launcher is developed to support the Android operating system.  Attractive themes with colourful icons will surely get you. The application have large number of customized settings, it means you can have a variety of combinations of themes, icon colour, amazing layouts with high-quality design.

Smartphone is the device we spend most of our time with. Chatting with friends or family, doing work, or playing games and much other stuff with our smartphones, and honestly we cannot live without it anymore. It is the first thing we check in the morning and at night before get to sleep. So obviously for the device we see most frequently should be very handy, must have variable settings and customizable items. So we could feel good and different without switching to new applications.

Got bored from the traditional Android launcher of your smartphone?  Get the new beautiful designed Novo Launcher Prime! This launcher has numerous settings which made it a popular launcher and is now being used and enjoyed by millions of users.


This setting is for the main colour for the launcher. It highlights and makes the accent colour prominent and more showable. Colour controls for individual labels, folders, background, drawer tabs, and folders. This will give a beautiful and attractive colour combination to your screen.


nova launcher prime apk display

Not only give colourful theme for folders and background but also for icons. Find thousands of themes for icons that will be shown like a band of rainbow across the screen.


Provided with the custom tabs and customizable effects also adds to its interesting features. Scrolling on the screen is smooth and fast with the option of horizontal and vertical scrolling. You can choose even the way of scrolling by yourself.


Despite of having a large number of settings, it has greater and better control than traditional and standard home launchers. It allows its users to snap the icons or widgets halfway through the grid cells of desktop.


No need to swipe on many modes before opening the desired folder. Never far away from the required page as it gives easy and smooth scrolling so continuously loop through the drawer or desktop continuously.


By using Nova launcher you can place or keep any widget in the dock such as player widget. You can also create multiple docks depend on your need.


Simple and sophisticate restore or backup system which allows you to backup your launcher settings and desktop layout.


After installing Novo launcher there is no need to rebuild your desktop from the start as it can import from the famous launchers.


Novo launcher is an efficient launcher with optimized functions. It does the work with speed, keeping the scrolling and other functions smooth. You can use your phones with the fast speed. Equips with many setting modes and still very fast and smooth function is the best feature of Novo Launcher.

We discussed earlier the major and amazing features of Novo Launcher Prime; now let’s view some extra smart features which are more astonishing than the former.


Daily we used to get a number of messages and forget reading some of them. To avoid this, it has an option for unread messages, gmail or simply emails, or hangouts and you will never miss any important message.


When heard about smartphones another word pops up in the mind that is swipe or tap. But in this multi settings application, open any folder or your favorite application with pinch, tap or swipe. Switch to any scrolling way you want.

More scroll effects are present like wipe, throw and accordion.


Several messed up applications on screen? Keep the used ones on home or main page and hide the rest. Maintain your phone by keeping app drawer clean and arranged.


Use the option for setting custom actions for swiping on folders or application shortcuts.

Variety of themes, colors, custom settings, elegant layouts they all makes Nova Launcher Prime the champion. You will find it a complete launcher with various settings. Everyday give a new and colorful look to your devices.

Originally Nova launcher prime was developed for Android operating system but now available to support iOS and windows. You can have its simple and alluring features and characteristics on your computer and laptops.

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nova launcher prime apk

After take a look on the amazing features of Nova Launcher, you will certainly want it on your home screen. User can download the APK files from Mobdownload APK down-loader. You are not needed to worry about time consuming and annoying downloading procedure. Very quick and easy to comprehend instructions for downloading are given below:


Rather than pausing the downloading process and search for other things required for downloading and installation, it is good to prepare your device fully so that there is no interruption in the process and your time will be saved.

  • Check the charging of your device. Under charged device could hinder the process or may cause bad effect on your device. Full charging will not burden your device.
  • There is an option of unknown source given in settings. This mode should be turned off or else your file will not download. It checks the security for downloaded files. Turning it off will shut down the security system of your device. In order to keep your device safe always choose safe sites like ours.
  • Download an emulator on your PC. It will help running the Apk file on computer. Without it the Apk file cannot be installed on computer.


Follow the following steps for successful installation of Apk file of Nova launcher prime apk.

  • What you need to do is to download the required Apk file from our site.
  • Connect your device and computer with USB wire or Data cable.
  • Open the download folder of computer and transfer the Apk file from that folder to the folder of device of your choice or later transfer the file on an easy location.
  • Go to that file, tap and install it.
  • Your installation will start and may take few minutes to complete.
  • Congratulations! You got the nova launcher prime apk.


Installation of this application is as easy like android installation except for the emulator you need to install for running of Nova launcher on your computer or laptop.

Follow the instructions for application installation:

  • First and foremost, download the desired Apk file of Nova launcher prime apk.
  • Then go to the emulator and start running it through your email ID (You can use the existed one or can make another for emulator).
  • Open the folder having APK file.
  • Drag the file from here to emulator’s use interface.
  • This file will be taken by the emulator and it will start installing the file.
  • There may be a warning sign appear after you click for installation, ignore that and continue the process.
  • Wait for few minutes and now you will have the desired version of Nova launcher Prime apk on your computer. Time taken for the installation process depends on the speed of internet and the condition of your computer.


A number of versions of Nova launcher have been released, each with some new and advanced features. Take a look on the old versions.

Version 5.3 prime is the latest one.


  • It has various dynamic badges and image badges from notification content.
  • System level themes for Samsung and Huawei devices.
  • For Samsung galaxy S8, minor fixes.


  • The version 5.2 has the system level themes for some specific devices.
  • System badges and dynamic badges from notification content also introduced.
  • Minor fixes for the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

There is a list of the previous versions of Nova Launcher.

  • Nova Launcher 5.1
  • Nova launcher 5.0.3
  • Nova launcher  5.0.3
  • Nova launcher 5.0.2
  • Nova launcher  5.0.1
  • Nova launcher  5.0
  • Nova launcher  4.3.1
  • Nova launcher  3.3
  • Nova launcher  3.2
  • Nova launcher  3.1
  • Nova launcher  3.0.2
  • Nova launcher  3.0.1
  • Nova launcher  2.3

Mod lite information:

Languages are English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Graphics are optimized/ Zip-align


Every version of Nova Launcher has unique and exquisite function and features.  Different and attractive designs are presenting by the launchers. So avail this offer and get the version you want. Our site is providing all versions of this exceptional launcher. Compatible with android and windows both, it is perfect for those who love its adorable features and settings. We give you free access to all related files like APK, OBB and data files. This is the whole package and you can get all at one site which is secured and easily accessed.

What you want more than quick and free access to free files of such an amazing home launcher and there is no alternate of it you can find from anywhere. A secure site, with information of such multi versioned and customized designed launcher and free access to APK files and others is the best choice. Do not download any fake file from unauthentic website.

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